Ear Insert Multi Stone Drop


This ear insert can elevate any look you're wearing. Ear inserts can only be used with our patented Neclasp Earring and can be paired with 1 half of the Mismatched studs or any other stud or hoop!

How to: Open up the Neclasp earring and put the chain inside. Snap it closed towards the bottom of the chain. After it's closed, put the Neclasp earring (with the chain in place) into your hole and secure with earring back. Take the top part of the chain and place over the cartilage of your ear and pinch together to secure. In order to adjust the chain ear insert, keep your Neclasp earring closed while using 2 fingers to hold it in place and slide the chain to your desired length.  See our how to video for visual instructions.

*Please note that all opals vary in color as they are all natural stones. See lifestyle photo for some variation in color that you may see.

14k Gold
Sold as singles
Total chain length: 4.33"
Opal TTCW: 0.23
Citrine TTCW: 0.092
White sapphire TTCW: 0.283

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if the item is not in stock. For additional questions regarding a specific piece, please email us at lovettjewels@gmail.com.

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